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Announcing the Friends of Halifax Contra VIP Pass – available at our March dance for $30

We’re pleased to announce a new way you can support our volunteer-run organization: come to the March dance and buy our special VIP pass- and skip the payment line at future dances!
This pass is not a special “deal” – but it’s special to us – it brings more reliability to our funding, to help us bring great dancing to the community throughout the season.

How it works:

At our March dance, ask for our “Friends of HCD VIP Pass” – we will collect $30 – which allows you to enter our remaining dances for the season (currently scheduled for March 21, Apr 25, May 23).
If we decide to hold additional special events or social nights, you’re invited to those too! Some of our huggy committee members will also give you free hugs of appreciation 🙂


Q- Why don’t I get a deal if I pay up front?
A- This pass is not for deal-seekers. We designed it for “friends” of our organization who are looking for ways to support us and ensure our long-term success. For our volunteer group, steady cash flow is a challenge – our dance attendance is affected by weather, competing events, and dancers’ busy schedules. Sales from this pass help ensure a stable cash flow for the remainder of the season

Q- What if I can’t make it to one of the dances?
A-The idea of this pass is to help stabilize income – even when the weather or special events lead to a smaller dance. We are asking folks who are comfortable with the idea to support us with this pass, even if they can’t make it to every dance.
We understand if this pass is not for you 🙂

Q- What if you cancel one of the dances?
A- We don’t anticipate having to cancel a dance, but there is always a risk. We will not be issuing any refunds, but if we have to cancel a dance you may contact us at if you wish – we can arrange to give you free admission for a friend, or attendance for a dance next season .

Q- What if I forget my pass at home?
A – Although we will be giving you a fun VIP card to show off to your friends, you don’t have to bring it with you. We’ll keep a list at the door of everyone with VIP passes and check off your name when you come in.

Any other questions or suggestions about our passes? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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